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Hope Lives Here

On January 4, 2016, the Open Hands Foundation opened a home for youth in crisis called The Hope House to meet the emergency shelter, support, and counseling needs of youth in crisis.

On any given night as many as nine young people are homeless in our own southwest metro community. Our goal is to provide a safe place for these teens to find shelter and an opportunity for them to get back on their feet.

Our Current Focus: Youth in Crisis in the Southwest Metro

Experts estimate that a 6-bed youth shelter for 10-17 year olds could serve up to 450 students annually.  School counselors, county social workers, police and emergency response teams have told us that addressing the increase in youth homelessness in our suburbs is a high priority. Homeless youth 21 and younger are the age group most likely to be homeless, and experience a higher range of being sexually abused and involvement in prostitution because of there vulnerability.

( Stat Source: “Homelessness in MN, Key findings from the 2012 statewide survey.” Wilder Research, September 2013.

In 2015, the Open Hands Foundation created a  partnership with a program partner, and Westwood Community Church to provide a much-needed resource for youth right here in our own community.

  • Westwood Community Church provides the facility, a wonderful house right next to the church on highway 41, as well as ongoing maintenance and property management.
  • Open Hands Foundation provides funding, awareness and volunteers.
  • 180 Degrees is the program partner providing all professional services and direct, trauma informed care to teens.

A Hope House Story: Roman

Our Future Is in Your Hands

Our Hope: A Bed for Every Child

Our vision is to help these young people stabilize and transition to a permanent solution, the home will be a safe and supportive environment for youth, offering:

  • 24/7 crisis shelter.
  • Food, Safety, and a Warm Bed.
  • Youth, parent, and family counseling.
  • A first call for help for law enforcement, schools, community organizations.

Our Goal: Growth and Sustainability

Our goal is that we will have developed a replicable, scalable model that will ensure that all at risk, homeless youth in the Southwest metro have an option for support and a warm, safe bed and space when in crisis.

Our Need: Funding and Resources

Join us in providing the $550,000 required to operate this home each year by making a donation to the Open Hands Foundation.  98.4% of every dollar raised supports this project.

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